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I’m a Seoul-based writer, editor and proofreader who has worked with words for most of the past 25 years — including about 18 years in full-time, paid positions where editing and writing were core duties. My experience encompasses newspapers, government organizations, translation companies and most recently a PR agency.

As a copy editor, I work with writers to make their words clearer, more concise and more readable. I proofread for accuracy and consistency in spelling, punctuation and style. I also have a personal blog that focuses mainly on life in South Korea and some of the interesting people who’ve called it home. I’m reevaluating the blog’s overall direction, but some of my interviewees have included Ted Wallin, a retired business professor who taught in Asia for many years before returning home to the United States; Sonia Knapp, an American teacher who came to Korea for a year and ended up staying; and Yiombi Thona, a Congolese refugee who has become one of Korea’s most prominent voices for human rights.

Previously, my work appeared in The Korea Herald, The Korea Times and Groove Korea. Here are a few samples.

The Korea Herald, 2018-2019

Korea’s vegan scene, through the eyes of an expat (part 1)

Korea’s vegan scene, through the eyes of an expat (part 2)

Homeless animals in Korea: Finding homes for those who fall through the cracks

Groove Korea, 2014-2015

Writing clips (articles deal with human rights, animal rights and violence against women)

Editing clips (articles deal with problematic “voluntourism” programs in Thailand, Balinese funeral rites and the changes going on in Cuba)

The Korea Times, 2014

Expats volunteer to care for neglected dogs

New cafe promotes intercultural exchanges

The Korea Herald, 2009

The ‘Daejeon 150’ down to the ‘Asan 70’

Other details

Canadian, native speaker of English, permanent resident of Korea.

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