Writing and editing samples

Thanks for visiting. I’m a Seoul-based writer and copy editor whose work has appeared in The Korea Herald, The Korea Times and Groove Korea.

As a communications professional, I’ve spent the majority of my career in full-time, paid, in-house editing roles. I’ve worked for newspapers, government organizations, translation companies and a public relations agency. If you add up the time, it amounts to almost 20 years.

But as I’m sure you’re aware, editors don’t get bylines in the newspaper and client work is confidential.

So on this page, I’ve chosen to highlight the work I did for Groove Korea magazine on a part-time, unpaid basis for several months in 2015. I apologize for the display quality issues, but Groove Korea revamped its website a few years ago and its older issues are no longer available there.

The two writing samples below, from Groove’s community section, reflect interviews and research I conducted with support from the Groove team. The editing samples appeared in the travel section when I was the magazine’s travel editor. That role involved selecting articles for publication, deciding which photographs to run with each article, and working closely with the authors to polish their work. If you view a flipbook in full-screen mode, magnify the page and look carefully at the margins, you should be able to make out the words “Edited by Eileen Cahill.”

Writing for Groove Korea, 2015

Editing for Groove Korea, 2015

Other work

These samples don’t include the many blog posts I’ve written over the years. My blog is currently under review because I’m converting it into a book series.

The Korea Herald, 2018-2019

Korea’s vegan scene, through the eyes of an expat (part 1)

Korea’s vegan scene, through the eyes of an expat (part 2)

Homeless animals in Korea: Finding homes for those who fall through the cracks

The Korea Times, 2014

Expats volunteer to care for neglected dogs

New cafe promotes intercultural exchanges

The Korea Herald, 2009

The ‘Daejeon 150’ down to the ‘Asan 70’